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Each teacher subscription provides access to the Teacher Website and the Student Website. Sections are color coded so teachers can easily direct students to the correct location. All materials are online. There are no physical manuals, workbooks, answer keys, visual aids, or CDs. Everything is digital and can be accessed on any device anytime, including a smartphone. Teachers have the option of printing all materials.

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What’s in a DeepRoots Unit?

All elements of each unit tie together to support the Scripture passage. Daily lessons are designed to be taught in approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Each one- or two-week unit contains the following elements:


  • Bible Reading

    Students follow along with their physical Bibles.

  • Memory Verse

    Students memorize one verse each week that relates to the Bible passage theme.

  • Memory Verse Study Guide

    This study tool is sent home with students to help them learn the weekly memory verse.

  • Memory Verse Journal

    Students begin memorizing their verse by writing it on their journal page.


  • Character Trait

    Students grow in their understanding of a specific character trait by learning, discussing, and applying it. The character trait always relates to the Bible passage.

  • Buzzphrase

    Students learn a catchy phrase about the character trait to remind them to apply what they are learning.

  • Character Trait Journal

    Students study their character trait and definition by writing it on their journal page.

  • Unit Study Guide

    Students prepare for their unit assessments using this study tool.

  • Application

    Students learn to apply God’s truth to everyday life.

  • Discussions

    Discussions are structured to encourage critical thinking.


  • Two Biblical Principles

    Students learn two key truths from the Bible passage.

  • Truth Trees

    Students learn the theological topics the Biblical Principles originate from.

  • Root of Knowledge Vocabulary

    Students increase their understanding of theological and Christian philosophical concepts by learning Root of Knowledge vocabulary in every unit.

  • Engaging Illustrations

    Custom illustrations pull the students into the Bible events.

Click here for a song sample

Additional Topics Covered

  • Apologetics

    Archaeology and other disciplines
    support the Bible’s truth.

  • Big Picture

    The metanarrative is told, tying the Bible events together to show the overarching story.

  • Christ Connection

    Students learn how the Old Testament foreshadows the Messiah to come. (1st, 3rd, and 5th grades)

  • Christ’s Disciples

    Students learn how to be followers of Jesus. (2nd, 4th, and 6th grades)

  • Explore Ancient Maps

    Created under the direction of a PhD archaeologist, maps bring the Bible events to life.

  • Explore Modern Maps

    Modern maps of the same areas will help students understand that biblical events happened in real places that still exist today.

Multimedia elements support the teaching

Each unit contains the following elements:

  • Slideshows

    Illustrations, photographs, and classic art along with interactive questions help facilitate discussion.

  • Hymns

    Videos with lyrics and illustrations teach the rich theology inherent in hymns.

  • Songs

    Songs explain the Biblical Principles in a fun, engaging way.

  • Music Videos

    Lyrics are displayed while children demonstrate hand motions to help students sing along.

  • Discovery Forest

    Students interact with animated animals in a forest environment to review Biblical Principles. (1st-3rd grades)

  • Forest Fun Facts

    Students view photographs and learn more about the animals in Discovery Forest. (1st-3rd grades)

  • Treehouse Adventure

    Students review Bible memory verses all year to commit them to long-term memory. (4th-6th grades)

  • Engaging rewards encourage students to visit Treehouse Adventure each week. (4th-6th grades)

Student Activities

  • Games

    Games provide interactive ways to reinforce the teaching.

  • Activities

    Activities help students understand the material and apply biblical truth to their lives.

  • Crafts

    Crafts allow for creative learning.

  • Demonstrations

    Demonstrations help students understand spiritual concepts.


Each unit contains the following assessments:

  • Checking for Understanding

    Daily lessons include three differentiated oral questions to assess comprehension.

  • Worksheets

    Worksheets are automatically graded and scores tabulated if taken online.

  • Oral Assessments

    Students are assessed in a class discussion about the event and the concepts learned.

  • Review Sections

    Creative oral and written reviews are offered throughout each unit to reinforce the knowledge students have learned.

  • Tests

    Unit tests are automatically graded and scores tabulated if taken online.

  • Assessment Page

    The Assessments page provides worksheet and test scores. Teachers have the ability to add custom scores and adjust online scores.

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