Scope and Sequence Overview

Kindergarten is a survey of the Bible and consists of
33 weeks of possible teaching:

First through sixth grades consist of
36 weeks of possible teaching:

  • 14 core units in chronological order
    Sixth grade: 9 core units in chronological order
    (two-week units)

  • 1 inductive Bible study unit
    Sixth grade: 6 inductive Bible study units
    (two-week units)

  • 3 holiday units
    (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter)
    (one-week units)

  • 3 bonus units that cover general topics such as the Church
    (one-week units)

Chronological Scope and Sequence

Kindergarten offers a survey of the Bible.

First through sixth grades are taught
in a two-year cycle with
first year studying the
Old Testament
and the second year focusing on the New Testament.

  • Old Testament years: 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades

  • New Testament years: 2nd, 4th, and 6th grades

Scope and Sequence Overview

Scope and Sequence Grades K-6

Each grade has its own emphasis and flows sequentially in content.

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